BullseyeBore Overview

Its like a heads-up-display for your drill

Always Drill Straight

BullseyeBore projects lasers on a work surface that tell you when the drill is perpendicular to the work surface

In Any Orientation

BullseyeBore works in any orientation: always drill straight into walls, floors, ceilings, or work surfaces of any kind

Works With Any Drill

BullseyeBore works with any drill either as an add-on to an existing drill or a chuck replacement

Watch Your Depth

As you begin drilling, BullseyeBore's laser projections provide visual cues on drill bit depth

Work Surface Alignment

Work surface alignment (drilling straight) is one of the biggest problems that power drill users face. BullseyeBore solves this problem by projecting unique visual patterns onto the work surface that provide feedback about alignment.

There are three patterns generated by BullseyeBore: a single dynamic position pattern, and two fixed circular measurement patterns. This is demonstrated in the video (left) and images (below) with the single dynamic position pattern as the outermost pattern, and the fixed circular measurement patterns on the inside.

The single dynamic position pattern changes shape dramatically when the drill is misaligned with the work surface, while the two fixed measurement patterns maintain consistent and evenly spaced concentric circles regardless of alignment.

A drill is properly aligned with the work surface when the single position pattern becomes circular and is concentric with the two fixed measurement patterns.

The images below provide examples of proper alignment, minor misalignment and major misalignment.

Drill Bit Depth

Knowing the depth of a drill bit while drilling is also problematic for power drill users. The three patterns generated by BullseyeBore help to solve this problem by providing visual cues about depth.

After a drill is aligned and pressed into the work surface, the circle produced by the single dynamic position pattern becomes smaller. The change in the circle's diameter is equal to the depth that the drill bit has penetrated into the work surface. For example, if the diameter of the circular position pattern is 4.0 inches at the start of a drilling operation, and the ending diameter is 3.5 inches, then the drill bit has penetrated 0.5 inches into the work surface.

The two measurement patterns assist in this process by providing stationary and evenly spaced concentric circles that can be used as reference points to track the size change of the position pattern circle. For example, if the position pattern is 0.5 inches larger than the nearest measurement pattern at the start of a drilling operation, than an overlap of the two patterns at the end of the drilling operation would indicate a drill bit depth of 0.5 inches. This is demonstrated in the video (left) and images (below).

BullseyeBore Versions & Configurations

BullseyeBore comes in several different versions and configurations.

The version shown here (and in the the videos and images above) is a small transparent disk with a hex-shank quick-change connector. The lasers, optics and batteries are mounted inside the disk. The disk itself is lightweight, smooth, and impact resistant. This version can be attached to the chuck of any existing drill, and functions as an after market 'add-on' product.

A different version of BullseyeBore (not pictured) is permanently integrated into a standard drill chuck. In this version, the lasers, optics and electronics become part of the chuck itself. This version can be incorporated seamlessly into a power tool manufacturer’s standard power drill designs, or provided as a simple OEM chuck replacement.

Each version can also be provided with a variety of configurations. For example, the disk version shown here can be configured in different sizes and with different combinations of laser projections.

BullseyeBore is patented with and other patents pending. These patents include numerous additional configurations and implementations of the BullseyeBore technology.

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